Repairing the Nexas Android Box – Need to know!

inside of an android box mainboard

Overall Impressions: The Guts:

Day 5: You have the 5MP back facing camera with LED flash, so we’ll do a full camera compose separately but suffice to say that out of the 8MP shooter in the HTC Thunderbolt I was worried with that which my shots were going to look like, after a week with the device, I don’t have any reason to tote on a point and shoot camera anymore. Day 1 usage was pretty much standard for any new device, initial set up, downloading many used programs (face book, Social Scope, Reader etc.), establishing syncing and frequent scheduled events. Like all new apparatus the battery came with a roughly 40% charge to begin, also you can view from the screenshots below how it performed.
Even the Galaxy Nexus is powered by way of a dual core 1.2GHz, with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. It will not feature an SD or Micro-SD card slot so there is no option for expandable memory. Google is betting that users will utilize cloud-storage for a good deal of their requirements, and as the Galaxy Nexus syncs well with Google Music, Google Docs and Picasa, most of your high volume demands are all covered. Upon opening the box you see what you’ve been looking forward to all these many months. The Verizon version of this Samsung-galaxy Nexus. Just looking at the device your primary belief is WOW that screen is HUGE. You just take it out of this box and feel it on your hands and simply can not wait to find what’s lurking under it’s curved exterior.
Realworld Usage: ICS has made the texture and use of Android more cleaner and intuitive, without taking away any of the skills or “power” that users experienced from first. Switching through screens and apps are done by swiping. Moving and uninstalling programs works the same as on other Android versions, but now you can set programs together into folders simply by dropping them on top of one another. Within folders it is possible to re-arrange programs because you would enjoy and socialize with programs, but the folder floats over the homescreen, you still understand where you stand and you also don’t feel as though you are diving too heavy for to anything. Day 4 continued with standard usage without any genuine changes to settings. Again using normal 3G/4G setting with the apparatus automatically discovering the most powerful signal and utilizing wi fi when needed.
The screen and weight of this device are simply two aspects of their phone that constitute a device that feels like Samsungs designers moved above and beyond to deliver a hardware experience that hasn’t been seen or sensed earlier. Day 3: Day 5 we ran directly into a small hiccup using Google Currents, ” it was constantly running and always hoping to sync and keep active, it used a lot of battery and set a significant drain on the gadget. Once Currents has been un-installed everything return to normalcy and we feel more comfortable with the battery lifetime. We’re visiting 14 hrs of battery life on a regular basis with standar d e usage.
Inside the box is straightforward red liner, and of course the device itself. Accompanying the gadget is just a 1850 batter, standard micro usb charger, headphones, not to mention instruction manual.
The back panel is some thing of a bit of debate at this time. It isn’t just a conventional hard plastic (or even kevlar) shield piece, it is a flexible snap in bit that off the system feels nearly indestructible. Once the SIM card and battery are in place and you snap the back place, it feels more solid than you can imagine by itself. In addition, the back has slight diamond ridges inside it that keep it from feeling glossy or even week. Contrary to the hands of your hands you realize that it’s there, and on your palms you are aware that it’s not likely to slide or slip out just like a number of the “eloquent” backs on phones just like the Thunderbolt or even the original Droid. Total of the front merely looks slick and stylish and just showing it to people makes them pay attention. My general impression of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is is everything that Google intended Android to be. The hardware is great, light, and more responsive. Even the OS, icecream Sandwich is fluid and smooth it’s intuitive and user friendly more consumer confronting than every other version of Android to date and requires the fight to Apple concerning simplicity and “only working.”
Initial Impressions: After months of waiting for Verizon to establish the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it finally landed a week (after a few flaws). The internet hype for the Galaxy Nexus had made this device out to function as the unicorn of all Android, it would do and become all that everyone else might have wanted in a telephone. Then if it started, Verizon had team that wasn’t prepared, maybe not enough inventory, and a few service hiccups to produce things more difficult. But even with all of the challenges the apparatus has made it’s way into the hands of enthusiastic buyers, and authors and also the reviews are beginning to come in and everyone else has their own opinion. Some of the opinions are centered on what buyers expected that the unit to become, some are predicated on which buyers wanted the apparatus to be. After two weeks using the Galaxy Nexus as our daily motorist we believed that it was time to throw our hat into the ring and let you know definitively that which we our impression of this pure Google Galaxy Nexus phone is. Day 4: This really is where the true beauty of this system begins to glow, with all the very first taste of Android 4.0 icecream Sandwich (ICS). Every thing feels as though that is exactly what Google intended once the initially started Android. Gone will be the greens which have followed Android since launching and income the fresh softer blue which makes it feel more inviting. Even the responsiveness of the computer software is incredible, a few if this really is thanks to the dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, however the applications it self feels stronger and more resolved than previous versions of Android even Honeycomb. Article Source: Day two usage got a little more intense, a lot more app use, web browsing, fundamentally putting the apparatus through the paces to find what it could do. Battery usage was better than Day 1 but it was not phenomenal.
Individual programs open fast and you also can manage the programs that you have running at any time by clicking the menu. This brings up a side bar that shows most of one’s running and recent applications like the adventure on Honeycomb. Out of that particular sidebar you’ll be able to switch between apps easily or close them by simply swiping. The capacity to close apps from in this side bar would be a fresh and extremely welcome improvement to ICS, ” I can’t tell you exactly how often times on honey-comb I saw an app and just needed to close it but couldn’t. Hardware: Day 1: Once you turn the device on you are greeted with a brand new boot sequence, that takes some of those temptations from the honey-comb boot sequence. The boot arrangement it self shows the capabilities of this Super Amoled Screen. The blacks are black, the colors are vivid and bright. After that the booting is completed you get your first taste of icecream Sandwich and how the Android OS is going to handle your experience from today on. Pc Software: There are two simple hard buttons on the faces of the device, around the left side that the standard volume rocker, and the best gets the power / standby button. The base of the device has the MicroUSB port and the headset jack, besides that the unit is clean lines all around the lining of this gadget. Once you get passed on the screen dimensions, and colors, first thing you see is just how light your Galaxy Nexus is on your hands. It’s not light in a inexpensive feeling way, at a I can not believe how light this is within my hands. The device also ties in your hand better than you’d expect, knowing that it’s a 4.65″ screen I had been expecting it to really feel large and awkward but, and never being forced to have space for hard keys the phone isn’t bigger than it needs to be and the curved design helps make it feel just right in the hand.

repairing android box
Day two: The processor is snappy and plays tasks with seemingly little effort, shifting through programs, displays, multi tasking all function with no hiccups. Even running games just like the newly published Modern Combat 3 doesn’t take a toll on the devices performance. Unboxing: One hardware feature in the system that has been getting a lot of press is your NFC chip. This is simply the second phone from the US to possess NFC chip builtin (that the Sprint Galaxy S being the first). Unfortunately Google Wallet is not allowed on the device and besides Google Beam there isn’t such a thing available to take advantage with this new accession. It is going to be a while until developers begin to build programs that use NFC on account of this absence of apparatus supporting it however the chances for it are endless. Additionally knowing that your device is going to be pushed upgrades from Google and that means you’re going to be on the most up-to-date and biggest builds for twelve or more months makes it that much neater. What most people today desire to know is “if I buy the Verizon Galaxy Nexus” plus among the principal questions they have is “think about the battery life life” well I’ve been using the apparatus as my everyday driver for a week today and felt I could comfortably answer those questions. Above all if you are on the market for a brand new phone or upgrade eligible I recommend that you choose the Galaxy Nexus without even hesitating. This unit is what I was expecting and more, it has made me stop worrying if I was going to go out of battery lifetime or if I had to uninstall apps or root my device to allow it to run smoother and faster.

The Front:
The front of this Galaxy Nexus is dominated with its 4.65″ curved glass screen. At the top of the gadget may be the in c all speaker (that will be the only real break in the smooth surface) the closeness detector (underneath the glass) and front facing camera.) At the bottom of the surface, hidden below the glass is just a telling LED, that has a bit of getting used to since it is a departure from the standard top telling indicator. At this time it lights up white when you get any notification (text, e-mail, missed telephone, etc) but that I could easily see developers tying their notifications into the led and hopefully changing the color, or the blink speed. Day 3 has been more of standard usage, calls, e mails, surfing, app usage, downloading apps and more tweaks to settings. Battery use with the apparatus switching automatically between 3G/4G and utilizing WiFi if needed was pretty impressive particularly taking into consideration the screen and the chip.

There really are a couple of bugs to iron out and we’ll be into a few of those in different posts but this gadget is a definite buy if you are on the market to get a new smartphone. Even if you weren’t on Android until that is really a computer device you ought to seriously consider switching for. Besides the bells and whistles of this turned into a pure Google experience apparatus, you have the benefit of Verizons 4G system (where available) which can be faster than anything else available on the market and makes living portable an actual reality.


Jean Oliver – Tech Wizard